63.4 F
Manitou Springs, Co.
Friday, October 20, 2017

The Happening of Soules

This event will explore the elements of life

Web exclusive: Manitou Soules Happens

A pop-up happening in Memorial Park

Web exclusive: I love Manitou Springs Facebook Page Photo Curation

The owner of I love Manitou Springs Facebook page, has curated a few photos from his page.

A Happening of Souls

This two-tiered project will create a new form of community art that will make the participants part of both the audience and the art.

The Spirit Mural of Manitou

Manuel Pulido is an artist and a giver. He creates magnificent murals alongside his wife, Natalia.

Spring 2016 Manitou Art Entertainment

Even though the close of the west-end of HWY 24 may seem like a big pain in the you-know-what, stop and be part of the art happenings, here in town, instead of trapped in a traffic jam.

Hite Frames the Story

“Patina is a coating that changes the copper. We combine the mineral water of Manitou with the copper

Web exclusive: Film Class with (Uncle Pete) Bogdanovich

by Dean Frankmore I must admit, it felt like a class made in heaven, as if Zeus and Hera came together and in the generosity...

Frolicking Fall Art Festivities

by Crystal Greenwood There are several exciting Manitou art-related events that are happening right now for Arts Month. Engage yourself and get out there and...

“Rocky Horror” Returns

by Judi Posch Despite living in New York for 35 years and my intense love for the theatrical, I’d never attended “The Rocky Horror Picture...

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Hooping into the Future

“Part of me feels relieved we got out of town before everything fell apart..."

State Patrol at Construction Sites

These days, you’re liable to take a painfully slow drive down Manitou Avenue

The Revenue Police

In Manitou Springs, like many other police departments around the country, grant revenue plays a role in how policing takes place.