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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Community Goes to Market

Manitou has always been a community with strong foundations in personal health and artistic creation—which is exactly what the MCM gives back to the community.

The Story of Hell’s Kitchen

Colorado native Nelson Rufran created one of Manitou Springs’ most renowned dining experiences

Buller’s Business: Part of the Heart of Manitou

Rachel Buller always dreamed of owning a mom and pop shop. And she has done that three times.

Mobile in the 21st Century

by Dawn Cox As we settle into the new year, our thoughts turn toward new beginnings, innovations, new ways of doing things. This is especially...

‘Tis the Season of Joy

by Bonnie Prestel Joseph Pastuer loved Christmas. He had the heart of a reformed Grinch. It swelled with Christmas joy. Even though he has passed...

Meet Our Mayor

Winning the election is a good-news, bad-news kind of thing. Okay, now you’re the mayor. The bad news is, now you’re the mayor,” said...

Know Thyne Owner: Mike Casey

State your name and occupation. Mike Casey. I am the owner of “Homes of Manitou Springs,” which is a real estate company located in downtown...

The Watchman

Dan Gendron sits behind the glittery counter, leaning forward, looking through a magnifying glass as he meticulously repairs watches. He is a casual hippie,...

The Story of the Stagecoach

by Raleigh Walters photography by Alberto Leopizzi A little after a month of being open, the new PJ’s Stagecoach Inn, owned by Paul Jakubczyk, went under...

Know Thyne Owner: Nancye Culbreath Edge Custom Framing

Businesses in Manitou are as identifiable by their owners as their selections of inventory. A community dependent on knowing neighbors' faces relies on proper...

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Hooping into the Future

“Part of me feels relieved we got out of town before everything fell apart..."

State Patrol at Construction Sites

These days, you’re liable to take a painfully slow drive down Manitou Avenue

The Revenue Police

In Manitou Springs, like many other police departments around the country, grant revenue plays a role in how policing takes place.