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Friday, October 20, 2017

Let’s Get Real — Finally!

As the Trump administration takes office, questions are being raised about the prospects of legal marijuana under a new administration. As “hands off” as...

2017: A Make-Over Year in the Making, Part 1

A little something for all to consider

MJ Scorecard: Feelin’ Groovy

Still, we ought not to be complacent, as prohibitionist pushback makes clear.

Hopeful POTentialities and Bliss Beyond Cannabis

Most problems involving cannabis come not from the plant, but from public policies and attitudes towards it.

Film Festival Welcomes British Documentarian

The main subject of the movie is Multiple Sclerosis patient, Clark French.

Cannabis Intelligentsia Set to Invade Town

Conference for Cannabis Fitness +Cinebis Film Festival passes are discounted through the end of the month.

A Summit on Cannabis Education

...a unique weekend festival perfectly suited to the recreational paradise of Manitou Springs.

City Astrologer Gives Insight to Understanding Your Astrological Sign

Astrology is a tool that helps you and me to grow

Emotional Style and the Grease of Cannabis

Life involves change, yet throughout the ages, seeing and accepting this fact has been a continual challenge for us humans.

The Double Helix of Cannabis Psychotherapeutics

Again, the basic idea is that in moving back and forth from ordinary consciousness to cannabis consciousness,

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Hooping into the Future

“Part of me feels relieved we got out of town before everything fell apart..."

State Patrol at Construction Sites

These days, you’re liable to take a painfully slow drive down Manitou Avenue

The Revenue Police

In Manitou Springs, like many other police departments around the country, grant revenue plays a role in how policing takes place.