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Manitou Springs, Co.
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Van Briggle: The Manitou Connection

Artus Van Briggle was born to artistic parents who were of Dutch descent, in Felicity, Ohio on March 21, 1869. He had an early...

The Story Behind the Ute Chief Gusher

The Ute Chief Geyser shot over 48 feet into the air.

June 24, 1882 Issue No. 5 of The Manitou Item

This excerpt is from June 24, 1882 issue number 5.

Old Manitou Newspaper Found

Excerpts from the Manitou Item, Saturday, June 3rd, 1882. Volume 1, Number 2. The first number of the Manitou Item was much better received...

Historic Portrait of Miss Emma Crawford

Who was Emma Crawford and why do we care

Murdered Manitou Spirits Taunt The Town

One can feel a palpable spiritual presence if gifted with the discernment to perceive what is unseen.

Manitou Memories: The Devil’s Race

Colorado's mountains have always been a beacon to adventurers. Whether it's skiing, rock climbing, base jumping, mountain biking, or car racing

The Legend of Ute Chief Springs

The Ute Chief springs statue is a sad reminder of what our Victorian health resort once was.

Ask A Local

Manitou Springs is known as different things to different people: quaint mountainside town; cradle of historic Victorian homes; peaceful meeting grounds of Native Americans;...

Hellooo Trolley

A letter from S.D. MacNaughton With all that’s been sticking in my ear about parking issues and traffic issues and body order issues and what not,...

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The Legendary Seahawk

Like many top predators, the North American Osprey became endangered in the 1960's.