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Food, Karma, and Love

Sometimes life is serendipitous and one achieves a Western sort of enlightenment that actually allows one to do what they love.

Lunch with Rockey – Local artist talks about life, love and...

Rockey is a teacher with a message. He’s neither selling nor evangelizing

Walking with the Wagon Man

You hear stories of traveling monks who live simply, with no adornment or possession.

Meet a Santatoid: Brett Maddox

he will tell you in no uncertain terms, “I AM Santa Claus.”

Ben Clagett Walks America

by Judi Posch Walking for miles is a romantic notion that has been sung about by everyone from Patsy Cline to The Proclaimers. But while...

A Deer Story

I was driving to an appointment at 8:30 A.M. near Constitution and Powers Road in Colorado Springs when my world was changed. There, in the...

Chifumi Ito: The Person Behind The Free Libraries

“We had drinks at the Townhouse” usually means that a good time was had by all, but it doesn’t always indicate that wonderful decisions were made after the fact.

Meet A Manitoid: Julia Hovey

by Judi Posch Meet Julia Hovey — local badass and runner. She was kind enough to be interviewed about her plans to run the Pike’s...

Meet a Manitoid: Bill James

by Judi Posch In 1990, Pennsylvanians Bill James and his wife Fran both lost jobs due to corporate takeovers. Since they had some unexpected...

Meet a Manitoid: Susan Thomas

by Bonnie Prestel It was magic that brought Susan Thomas to Manitou Springs in the early 70s. In her 20s Susie created a magic act...

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