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Manitou Springs, Co.
Friday, October 20, 2017

Mayor Nicoletta Explodes Calling Citizens “Entitled”

The Manitou Marquee has produced a sound bite of rather bizarre behavior of the mayor.

Citizens Rally Fails to Save Condemned Trees Along Canon Avenue

A video journal of a desperate attempt

Citizens Meet to Discuss Protesting at City Hall

Concerned residents met yesterday at Mansions Park to discuss Manitou Springs City Council's recent decision to destroy and remove five elm trees located in the downtown district.

An email from Mayor Nicoletta regarding the Brook St. Bridge

It is imperative that every Manitou Springs citizen concerned with Brook Street Bridge's ongoing controversy and rehabilitation be present at this Tuesday evening's council meeting.

Soda Springs Pavilion Fencing or Art?

Some information on how you can have input on the fencing of Soda Springs Pavilion.

LeGrande Successfully Reopens Boutique

The large front display window is filled with sparkling vibrant purples, greens and yellows, as feather boas and hats garnish this wonderful window art.

1/17/17 City Council Meeting Montage

Listen to some edited audio from a city council meeting.

Bridgegate 2017

Something interesting happened in Council Chambers.

Brook Street Bridge is Saved for a Little Longer

Last night a motion was passed that could potentially save the bridge

LeGrande Accents Boutique is Growing More Grand

The current move has landed with impeccable timing for LeGrande.

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