63.4 F
Manitou Springs, Co.
Friday, October 20, 2017

Trickster Strikes Again

I kept an eye out for the coyote during my day of sauntering

The Real Story Behind the Resurgence of the Buffalo

The beef industry has successfully manipulated the policy behind the scenes

Trail Travelogue: Red Mountain

Mysterious trails are part of the backyard of Manitou Springs dwellers.

Much Needed Wave Therapy pt. 2

Like the movement of water, the sound of the wild coast is immense and intricate,

Much Needed Wave Therapy pt. 1

by Bertram Lazarus I’ve come for the waves and they are waiting for me. The sun casts a kaleidoscope of colors to the indistinguishable point...

A Most Important Solstice

by Dawn Cox At this time of year our thoughts turn towards traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but did you know there are...

Dispatch from Grimes Point

by Bertram Lazarus Late last spring I had the good fortune of visiting Grimes Point, a small archaeological site situated southeast of the sleepy metropolis...

The Prescription of Nature

by Kyle Gardner A friend recently sent me the link to a hysterical video that satirizes those all-too-familiar evening news commercials peddling the latest synthetic remedy...

Along Canyon Rims, part 3

by Kyle Gardner As I’m being absorbed into the enchanting scene, I realize that somewhere along this bench would be the perfect departure point from...

Along Canyon Rims part 2

by Kyle Gardner Continuing my westward saunter, the bench narrows and the cliff becomes more precipitous as the gigantic rock staircase becomes steeper. I begin...

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Hooping into the Future

“Part of me feels relieved we got out of town before everything fell apart..."

State Patrol at Construction Sites

These days, you’re liable to take a painfully slow drive down Manitou Avenue

The Revenue Police

In Manitou Springs, like many other police departments around the country, grant revenue plays a role in how policing takes place.