Why This Last Minute Appeal?
Historically mid-cycle (i.e., this is not a Presidential election year, nor a congressional or state year) local elections experience low voter turnout. Due to things being unsettled at the national level, diverse local opinions that have been swirling about, and facts that have been late in coming to light these past few weeks, Manitou is expected to experience low voter turnout. Estimates are perhaps only 25% of Manitou’s eligible voters will have voted prior to the weekend and perhaps the turnout will be as low as 50% through Election Day.

Why Should You Care?
All would agree Manitou Springs is unique in our region due to the high level of citizen engagement that has buoyed us through good times and supported us through bad times. We are definitely going through unsettled times. Whether it be balancing the budget, addressing aged infrastructure or collaborating with our workforce. Unsettled times for any community are times that call on all to be informed and engaged. We need more than 50% informed participation on November 7th and to navigate through the challenging choices of the next two years.

How Can You And Others Be Current On the Issues?
The Cliff Notes version is readily accessible today if you receive or pick-up today the Nov 2nd issue of the Pikes Peak Bulletin. Pages 1-8 will have you current on where the facts and reason have leveled out. The thoughts expressed by some of our bedrock community members reflect a consensus of an estimated 300 citizens who have publicly stated their positions on the Mayoral race and 150 on Ballot Issue 2B (citizen estimates include voices on either side of these items). In addition, refer to last week’s Oct 26th PPB or the Manitou Marquee.

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?
As on the airplane, put your oxygen mask on first. If you have not already, deposit your ballot in the Ballot Election Box on the east side of City Hall. Or show up at City Hall on this Tuesday, November 7th 7:00 am – 7:00 pm with photo ID and proof of address if you do not have a mail-in ballot or a ballot in-hand. You may check the status of your ballot by visiting https://www.sos.state.co.us/voter/pages/pub/home.xhtml. Once you and all of your household have brought yourselves current and decided your ballot, reach out to folks in your network and discuss the same with them. Encourage them to become more fully educated on the election choices and seek a commitment that they will vote prior to the Election Day 7:00 pm deadline.

It is that simple. Every vote counts as reflected by the 10 vote difference that decided the 2015 local election. – Marquee Staff