Former Council Member Supports Jaray

Aimee Cox Council Member from 2008-2012

Manitou Springs needs a Mayor who boldly represents our residents and provides for the future of our community. This is why I support Ken Jaray for Mayor.

Nicole Nicoletta has aligned with dark money interests – the Colorado Centrist Project – who are playing a game in our City to learn how to control elections. They have no interest in Manitou Springs’ future.

This is consistent behavior for Nicoletta, who, over her two-year term as Mayor, has proven to be less an authority on issues and more an authoritarian. She imposed no-tolerance law enforcement that the police publicly opposed as overly-harsh and ineffective; she prohibits public comment on business items at Council sessions; she circumvented our historic preservation process in order to expedite demolition of historic infrastructure; she routinely ignores the guidance of citizen committees and shouts at residents by name from the dais and in her newspaper column.

More important, there is no evidence Nicoletta has the professional experience to tackle a backlog of infrastructure needs and ensure the future financial health of our community. She’s not even working hard to get elected. Instead, she seems content to let an outside, secretive organization campaign on her behalf.

Ken Jaray, on the other hand, is an experienced businessman and mediator. He served as our City’s legal counsel and was previously elected to the Manitou Springs School Board. He has assembled teams of residents to restore Fountain Creek and our mineral springs, and works with a fund to invest in startup companies.

Ken Jaray will lead our community from day one. His grassroots campaign has knocked on 1,000 doors to listen to our neighbors, and he won’t open the door to secretive special interests. Six former Mayors have endorsed his candidacy. I’m proud to join them and vote Ken Jaray for Mayor!


Aimee Cox
Former Manitou Springs City Council Member