As the sun sets, the evening begins at the Flux Capacitor in Colorado Springs. The Tejon Street Corner Thieves are setting up their merchandise booth. To date, the band has been recognized as talented in several different genres, thanks to their unique vibe and ability to harmonize both vocally and instrumentally.

Made up of four members: Shawn, Julie, Connor, and Chris, the band has been working together for nearly four years. They have traveled around America and even Canada to showcase their musical talents.

The band’s marauding, trashgrass, outlaw blues style is a reflection of the musicians themselves. Connor is the band manager, banjo player, and singer. He’s one of the main reasons the band is working together today. After his father passed away, he moved back from New Orleans to help out his family, but his desire for musical expression fueled the idea of the band.

Julie plays the upright bass and has an extensive background in folk, bluegrass, and jazz music, giving the band the perfect touch to their barbed voices and unique instruments.

Shawn plays the washboard with style. His talents shine through the rhythm he creates with his entire body. “Shawn is probably the best musician as far as our band goes, from writing soulful songs to playing several instruments,” says Connor.

Chris is currently substituting for Cameron, who went to California for medical treatment earlier this year. Chris is a wonderful musician, with a great sense of humor that he brings on stage as he performs.

Each of the members of the Tejon Street Corner Thieves has their own talents, and they all come together with a similar groove to create a unique on-stage experience. Each of the band’s members represents the freedom to live life through passion.

“We will never stop playing smaller house shows and smaller venues, because as far as I am concerned, we have already made it,” states Connor.

The Tejon Street Corner Thieves are about spreading excitement with their music, and have turned down offers too large to ensure that they never change.

When on stage, The Tejon Street Corner

Thieves give an intimate feel through their jokes and upbeat personalities. “We are constantly interacting with the audience, which gives us the advantage to have fun no matter what happens in our set,” says Connor.

As the lights dim, the audience begins to move to the hillbilly-tinged twanging beats of their music, as Connor’s rough vocals blend perfectly with the instruments to create something altogether different, inspiring shots of whiskey, and wild dancing.

While they prefer smaller venues, the band looks forward to their larger upcoming shows this year, such as the Mother Muffs New Year’s Eve Party, Money Roots Festival, and an extensive band tour. “We will not stop doing what we love.
As my father would say, You have reached success when you are making money in your sleep,’” stated Connor.

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