The Manitou Marquee has produced a sound bite of rather bizarre behavior of Mayor Nicoletta during the May 16th, Manitou City Council meeting.

Before listening to the clip, it is important to understand that Councilor Todd had just rendered a full and pertinent background to an engineering contract that had extensively evolved from a one year to a five year commitment.

In the beginning of the audio clip, resident John Graham attempts to ask for public comment on the subject, but the mayor flatly refuses. Then, resident Dale Latty asks how a test case for “pull-out” professional engineering services, with a one-year general fund appropriation, could tornado into a five-year contract. At the end of this exchange Mr. Latty, is ejected from the chambers over the standing shouts of the Mayor to,” GET OUT, GET OUT!”

Whether any of our elected leaders will even be allowed a chance to interview these corporations (ahem, engineers), and have a say in this contract remains the question. With the only answer coming from the mayor, a howling explanation of her disdain of “entitled” residents.

Listen to the one-minute clip below.


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