Manitou Springs is a town known for its artistic elements and unique characteristics, which are fueled by the weird and quirky souls who keep it so refreshingly charming.

Meet Jason Hernandez. He is a Manitoid; some may say he is one of the most significant Manitoids there is, as he is the groundskeeper of the town.

While Hernandez is fairly new to the town of Manitou, he dedicates every day of his life to attending to the town’s spruceness.

Hernandez was living in Cork, Ireland, where he was introduced to farming with the military.

“I lived in Dublin, Ireland, for years until I moved to Colorado Springs to help my ill mother around three years ago,” said Hernandez.

Taking the time off of his current life to assist his mother, Hernandez was not introduced to Manitou Springs until 2013 and fell in love with the camaraderie of the townspeople.

“My mother passed away on her birthday August 21, 2013, and everything took a downhill turn from there. I lost my job due to a work injury and became homeless,” stated Hernandez. Looking for work, he was given the opportunity to shovel snow for the downtown Colorado Springs YMCA.

“I was shoveling snow outside one day when someone from Manitou came up to me and offered me the position as groundskeeper of Manitou Springs,” he said. As it turns out, the previous groundskeeper was formerly injured and could no longer maintain the position.

It was an ideal transition. Hernandez now resides in Manitou and spends at least a couple of hours a day keeping up on the cleanliness and charm of the town. Once again, Manitou has pulled in another creative and selfless soul to become intertwined with the cultivated rhythm of our charisma. 

by Flower  Conway

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