Manitou Springs takes pride in her citizens that participate in the many activities in this amazing town. With that said, meet Dale Latty who first moved to Manitou in 1976 and was a summer resident until May 2015 when he moved back permanently. Latty was 19 when he was first stationed at Fort Carson as an enlisted armor tank crewman, and fell in love with Manitou’s charm. He later became a transportation officer in the Army after graduating with an ROTC commission from UCCS and a degree in Economics from Regis College in 1982. He was stationed in Central America in the 1980s, and found himself back in the Manitou Springs area after being assigned as the 4th Infantry Assistant Division Transportation Officer. He left the Army after Desert Storm, where he served as a Company Commander.

“I would definitely have to say my favorite aspect of Manitou Springs has always been the interesting people, and the town’s historical background; its what brought me back,” he says. Dale raised his two children in North Georgia before moving back to Manitou. Since his discovery of the town, Latty has owned nearly 20 different properties in and around Manitou Springs, which has allowed him to learn Manitou’s allure as well as the intricacies of the town. He now owns two properties in Manitou, one where he resides, and another tract of land on the Ute Trail where he hopes to develop a recreational teepee camp along the Ring the Peak Trail. Latty spends most of his time these days working on the Cog Railway, and atop of Pikes Peak. “I was hired as an engineer on the Railway but I really love the tour guide functions of the conductor, which I also do,” he says. “I find my most enjoyable time lately is introducing visitors to the amazing experience of the Cog Railway and the local area. My favorite spot is right on top of Pikes Peak,” says Latty.

While Dale spends a lot of his time on the Peak, he is also engaged in local public service as a charter member of the newly forming Manitou Springs Housing Advisory Board and was the Open Space Citizen of the Year in 2001 after donating land behind the Middle School to the open space effort. “If I were to wish one thing about Manitou Springs it would be to see more involvement of our most amazing neighbors in serving on the various City Boards and Advisory Panels,” states Latty. He believes that the people who are most capable should be more vigilant with supporting city council on making important decisions for the future. Dale has been directly involved in local issues since his interest in the town began in the late 70s and served as his County Democratic Party Chairman in Georgia for two terms. He hopes to encourage other citizens to become more involved in local issues in order to keep Manitou the most progressive place in Colorado and a happy home to many for years to come.

by Flower  Conway